The Life of you

My beautiful little cousin is 18 years old and has exhibited a quality that looks better on than any designer label I have ever seen. It fits all different shapes and sizes, you can wear it to any occasion like prom, the store, church.

Yes its that versatile. And guess what?  It cost no money, just a change in how one thinks! Want to know what it is?


When I read this I was thrown back in amazement and admiration. Check out this status shared by her mommy lol Momma taught her well 🙂

“Today my 18 year old daughter had a date and he showed up without his debit card and he was late. So my daughter held the door for him so he could leave. When I asked her why he was gone she said,  ‘I don’t go into my pocket for a date, and my time is valuable. If he wants to date me he needs to come prepared and respect my time. I don’t care how cute he is. I am a beautiful girl so him being cute means nothing to me.’

I told her how proud I was of her, and explained that she did something grown women could not or would not have done, because they would have feared he would not have ever called them again. So she said ‘I never was concerned about that, I am a beautiful girl and I know I am worth something.’ The story ends with him calling back, apologizing and her telling him where he went wrong…. and him asking her out again. She said ‘We will see, let me check my schedule I will get back with you.’ “

18 and dressed to kill. What is she killing? 

  • Esteem issues
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of worth
  • Disrespect
  • Society’s way of thinking and so much more


If only I had a mind set like that and lived it at 18 I definitely would not have experienced much of the pain I put myself through. Ladies guys will only do what we allow them, they will only talk to us how we allow them to talk to us and they will only respect our bodies time, mind, emotions if we respect it for ourselves.

Make a mind change today and begin to think of your self for who you really are –> Beautiful, worthy in Christ alone, Smart, and so much more. You were not designed to give a man your body other than your husband, to allow anybody to call you a “B”, or to take care of a man. your not his mother! But you are designed to be a young woman after Gods heart, designed to have a g