What’s good SA followers! I am so EXCITED to tell you what’s going down for us queens. You do not want to miss out on this.

I present to you SHE Abundantly’s very first read & chat, 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You, A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex & Relationships. This includes over 100 quotes from real guys and what they really think about┬álove, sex & relationships.

If you are local ( Kansas City, KS), please click the link below to register so that I can have a book ready for you on our first meet up. Don’t wait! If you are far away, don’t worry. I want you to be apart of every moment. I am making these read & chats available on the Periscope mobile app. All you have to do is follow SHE Abundantly on the app and you will be notified to join us for our weekly meet ups. CLICK HERE to purchase your own book.

For full info watch the video below.

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