5 reason to love being singleDo you like being single? Why or why not?

Have you ever felt like the odd ball when you are not in a relationship? As if you are missing out on life? I have felt that way before. And because of that I made sure that I kept someone in my life even when it caused me to settle for less than what I am worth ( which was 100% of the time).

What I have learned over the years is that being single, not married/booed up,  is very crucial to life and one of the most important times of life. Being single is not something to run from, its not a disease, its a calling.  You are called to do something right now and it involves just you and God. Here are 5 reasons why I enjoy being single and you should too.

1. You will get closer to Jesus.

This is the most beautiful thing about being single. We get to know the Creator of all things, our  creator, on the most deepest level. This is a time where you and God ca