me and momThat mother and daughter relationship can be something else. You bump heads more than you would like, momma just wants whats best for you but sometimes you just don’t see it that way!

My relationship with my mother has been a journey full of life lessons. To keep it 100, I have not always liked my mother, love her of course, but like, not always. I think its quite normal though. Can you relate to feeling this way? A woman gives birth to a little girl, she raises her the best she knows how, teaches her lady things and prays that she makes better decisions than she did.  But then you have to factor in the different personalities and attitudes, different ways of doing and saying things, different ways of handling things etc.

It wasn’t until I got into my twenties, when I became a little more mentally and emotionally mature,  that I began to really evaluate my relationship with my mother and begin to understand who she was as a woman. I did this through the help of other people who knew her longer than me and who would steer my in the right direction in my relationship with her, mainly my oldest sister.

In the midst of growing up and clashing with your mo