Hey ladies!!! New Video Alert

I wrote about this topic awhile back and I was led to make a video about it. For A Good Man Vs. A God Man Pt. 1  Click Here 

How many of us have ever been in a relationship with what we thought or think is a good guy but for some reason our soul is never quite at peace?  I am talking at peace every day and not just some days? Well, there is a reason for that and if we don’t pay attention to what we are hearing ( becasue some one is really trying to speak to us here ) then we will really miss what is for us. See what I mean. Press play!

Should you be having sex right now?

Find out the answer plus more through an interactive chat I created with you in mind, SHE Abundantly’s 4 Points of Purity. This information is going to change your life and how you see love, sex and relationships!