Untitled designI know we hear this often from almost every woman’s mouth and i’m sure we have said it for ourselves, ” I want a good man”. But did you know that even good is considered settling? Confused? Don’t worry, clarity is coming your way, Keep reading!

Romantic relationships are inevitable. If you desire to be married one day then you are going to enter into a relationship to do that. And that’s ok, normal, expected right? Duh lol The key thing though is learning when its time to seek that kind of companionship and what kind of man to seek that companionship with. One of life’s skills is to learn how to date, not only that but how to date as one who follows Jesus Christ, becasue its not the same as how the world dates. ( after you are done here, find out How to Date as a Christian)

Many people have an issue when it comes to Christianity or accepting Jesus simply because it takes the focus off of us and puts it on Him. Listen to this and never forget it: Good people don’t get into heaven, saved people do! Just because we do good things, feed the homeless, give hundreds, thousands, evens millions to organizations, does not make us good people. Yes these things are good actions, absolutely, but understand that our own actions do not have the power to “make” us good. Our hearts are naturally evil and is deserving of Gods punishment no matter how many good things we do in this life. This is why God did what He did; send His perfect Son Jesus to take our place of sin on a cross so that we can have a relationship with God. By doing this He exchanged our sinful nature with His righteous nature and the only way to dwell in God’s presence is depending completely on the righteousness that came from His son Jesus, and not ourselves.  He says that the only way to Him and heaven is by trusting in His son Jesus as our savior, not by our own actions!

Do you understand now why simply “good” isn’t good enough?

You may find all the qualities and characteristics in a man that you would just die to have, but if he is not saved and does not have a relationship with God ( no, a real one, reads Gods word and produces the fruit of the Holy Spirit) then don’t settle for it! A good man can do all the right things on the outside but a God man has the eternal and divine power on the inside that will sustain both you and him through the test of time.

Good Man   Vs.   God Man