We live in a a world where women and girls feel they have to give there bodies away in sex or create a whole new body to be beautiful or to be loved. I believed this to be true once, but it’s not true. God had to show me that I/we were already created in love, with love and to be loved, just the way we are, beautiful.

Realize that you are a gift to this world, not trash to be used, abused and passed on to the next. Know your worth in the God who made you. When its real, it don’t have to flaunted everywhere, you don’t have to get likes on the gram to be validated or show off your booty or breast to be liked .You are beautiful and you don’t have to do anything to show it, just own it.  I love this song and I wanted to share it with you. The lyrics speak volumes and as you listen to it follow along with the lyrics.

“Find Your Way”

[KB:] I don’t know if, you know this
But beautiful things don’t need attention
All that posting, bossin’
You voguein’, I notice
You’ll do anything to get a mention
You fakin’, already know you fakin’
Men wanna bring a model home
They got no interior just decorations
(Tell me why you want that?)
You way too empty to be beautiful
That’s why these men they makin’ new to you
To the bait you used to fish you catch
Is you that? Are you an ornament?
Goin’ back to the basement when he’s had, “Enough”
A trophy on the wall again
Don’t wanna be lonely, but on this arm again
But he’s still raisin’ up his arm again
That’s why I’m callin’ in,