Pt.1 Why I Am Single and NOT Having Sex…of Any Kind | Living Single Ep. 7

"Sex! You can do it when you want with whoever you want!" Right?! That's our attitude towards sex and that was my attitude for years until I noticed that Sex + my life = overdraft after overdraft. It just wasn't adding up! Sex feels good in the moment and it always seems like it's [...]

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Why I Walked Away from a 4 Year Relationship | Living Single Ep.6

Have you ever went a long time without food and was starving to eat? I have! It's not a good feeling. During those moments you feel like death is around the corner and any kind of food you see starts to look good to eat. When your body is starving, you will start to [...]

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Change Your Mind About Singlehood…ASAP!

The heart of a single woman needs to be reminded that her life revolves around soooo much more than a relationship with a guy. The sooner she sees single hood for what it really is, the sooner her life, your life,  will begin to fill up with peace, self-love and contentment...permanently! This single talk [...]

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Living Life as a Single Mother Pt.3 | Living Single Ep.5

This is the final week of this amazing talk I have been having with my sister. This week we are talking about how she moved on from being a single mom to married with 3 kids and the importance of being picky when it comes to choosing the guy who is going to be [...]

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Living Life as a Single Mother Pt.2 | Living Single Ep.4

Hey ladies! We are in the middle of a conversation I had with my sister as we talked about her life as a single mom. If you have not checked out part 1 of this much needed convo, girrllll you betta get on it lol -> Living Life as a Single Mother Pt.1  Part [...]

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Living Life as a Single Mother Pt.1 | Living Single Ep.3

Being a single mom is tough! I know a little about that life because I was raised by one. Being a parent is a life change in itself but having to take on the responsibility of 2 parents is never the ideal situation. Some people become single parents due to a relationship gone sour [...]

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3 Things to Love About Being Single | Living Single Ep.1

When was the last time you were honest with yourself? Let me ask you this question; are you really enjoying life as a single young woman (not married)? Or are you constantly worried about the next phase in life, your relationship status and when it will change? If you said yes to the second [...]

Respect His Marriage, Even If He Doesn’t -Dating Tip #8

When you find out that a guy is married what do you do? Does that stop you from talking to him or fuel you even more to go after him? I mean, if he is married he clearly has some qualities that you desperately desire right? What if he is separated or not with [...]

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Never Chase a Man- Dating Tip #4

Ooh girl he is cute! I wonder if he has a girlfriend. How come he's not trying to talk to me? I'm about to slide into his DM's. I need him to notice me! I cant wait anymore, i'm going after what I want. How many of us have had this conversation once or [...]

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The One Power You Never Knew You Had!

It's very common for a young lady to accept any guy that approaches her, settling for any attention she can get! Often times this stems from never being chosen before, especially from her father. The one man who is suppose to chose her all the days of her life, failed her, leaving her to [...]

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