What to Do When You Are Hurting!

I'm NOT okay. And I have learned enough in life to know that it's okay to not be okay. I have been a little silent these past few weeks because I'm trying to deal with grief that I never saw coming. The racism and police brutality that has plagued this country since its creation [...]

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Two Things the Enemy Has the Power to do to You & How to Combat Them!

Did you know that you have an enemy? No, i'm not talking about that girl who mean mugged you or them haters that talk about you but yet smile in your face. I'm talking about the devil, the one who is the mastermind behind all the evil in the world, even the 2 examples [...]

You Need This to Overcome Sexual Sin! Pt.2

Hey ladies! I hope you enjoyed SA's previous blog post, Click ->  You Need This to Overcome Sexual Sin! Pt. 1 . I have learned that to be successful at anything, you can't do it alone.  With sin, especially sexual sin, it can bring one a lot of embarrassment and shame. We feel we are the [...]

You Need This to Overcome Sexual Sin! Pt. 1

I just LOVE telling all my business just so the person next to me can know that they are not the odd ball, that we all have way more in common than we think and to make any religious people VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.  We succeed by helping one another, living in community with one another [...]

When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough!

So many people chase money, fame recognition, status and it can cause you to feel like you are missing out, or if you don't have what they have then you are not worth anything! People can make you feel so bad, less than dirt. Sometimes it's not the people, but us. Our own self [...]

The One Thing Every Young Woman Needs in Her Life!

What's the one thing that every young girl needs in her life? That go to pair of shoes? The best hair product ever made? Oooh ooohh what about that bomb dress that you see the girls wearing on Instagram? Naw that's not it! It's something better than all of that plus more, and let [...]

Sex, Worship & Demons! How Do They All Connect? Girls Lets Talk About Sex! Topic #4

If you have not checked out topic #3, you can check it out here -> Why You Should Not Do this Permanent Thing in a Temporary Relationship! Girls Let’s Talk About Sex! Topic #3 Hey ladies. I have another installment of the video series " Girls, Let's Talk About Sex", and you do NOT [...]

When Love Means Letting Him Go!

Hey faithful SA readers! It's that time again, time to get some truth that will transform your way of thinking and prayerfully your entire life. I just love sharing all my personal business ( LOL), and this time is no different. In my search for real love, I found out that the love I [...]

A Good Man Vs. A God Man Pt. 2

Hey ladies!!! New Video Alert I wrote about this topic awhile back and I was led to make a video about it. For A Good Man Vs. A God Man Pt. 1  Click Here  How many of us have ever been in a relationship with what we thought or think is a good guy [...]