Condoms, Birth Control, Plan B Pill, Abortion…the TRUTH Behind it All!

Condoms, Birth Control, Plan B Pill, Abortion…the TRUTH Behind it All!


“We can choose what we want to do but we can’t choose the consequences!” This was the title of a lesson I prepared and spoke at a youth conference. These words are so few but is loaded with so much power. As a matter of fact this is one of life’s most crucial lessons but one that so many have yet to grasp, including myself at one time.

My prayer is that every soul who reads and listens to this audio will truly understand exactly what it means. It will save your soul if you let it 🙂

On the audio you’re about to listen to I mainly talk about 2 things: SEX and MUSIC. Here is something not on there that I want you to walk away with but this only compliments the audio as they both go together.

Condoms, birth control, abortion, plan B pill… all these man made devices were made as a way to protect us from an unwanted consequence during or after premarital sex.  But here is an absolute truth: these devices might, I said might, be able to save us from STD s & pregnancy, which are consequences in this earthly realm,  but none of them can save us from the consequences in the spiritual realm! (Consequences that matter the most  and that are unavoidable ) They can’t prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Demons that we contract by just having sex even once outside marriage ( Negative soul ties). They can’t prevent our souls from spiritual torment and the hurt God feels when we reject Him,  and they sure can’t save us from eternal separation from God.

See, this is what the world doesn’t warn us about when they fill our heads up with sex images, videos, and the WHOLE rap/r&b industry that tells us to twerk that, let him hit that etc. God warns us of all the consequences out of His great love for us, but we perish because we reject that kind of knowledge. But Accept it. This kind of knowledge lets us know that we have the POWER to choose, to choose life, choose Christ. When we are aware of this kind of power it prevents us from falling victim to the world who strategically only gives us choices after the damage is done, like what flavor condoms to buy, how long you have to take the plan B pill after unprotected sex, or what clinic to go to.

It’s God’s will that we save sex until marriage for a reason, which is to protect us from the degradation of our spirits and souls. It doesn’t please Him nor benefit us to have multiple sex partners and negative soul ties, STD’s to worry about or fathers that hit and leave and are no longer around to take care of the child. But when the enemy made all these devices for us, we began to think that it’s OK to have sex or “slip up”, ignoring Gods word that says wait , because now I can save myself physically. I can get rid of or prevent the child from seeing the light of day if I don’t want it. Or how about this one; I can save my reputation on the outside while on the inside my soul is yet scattered to pieces. Yea that one was mine.

A young girl, saved by the way, who had the heart to obey but yet struggling to stay pure (not possessing the wisdom on how to flee temptation at the time), turning to”Plan B” only so that I can save face, prevent what I thought would be ridicule shame and judgement and to prevent anyone from knowing my struggles. I was more concerned of what people would think then my relationship with Christ, forgetting that I had people in my life that would help and pray me through and not hold me down. It’s real out here and I’m the first to say that and the reason why I’m so transparent is because I know there are many ladies, especially in the church, who have fallen victim to the lies of the enemy and may not even realize it, covering up the sin with these devices instead of letting God in to get to the root of it . But God is faithful. Through this post and my own life experiences,  my motives are to expose the enemy and share Gods wisdom. 🙂

For example: Birth control. This opens up the door for the enemy to straight play us mentally! I will give you example of my life. When I was struggling to be pure, I was told I should get on birth control to prevent a possible pregnancy. But no matter what the struggle was I would not do it. Why? Because if I knew that I could not get pregnant it would make me “THINK” that it’s OK to slip and have sex, even just one time. And with me growing and wanting to please God, I knew it would continue to damage my relationship with Him. See, I knew how easy it was to fall into temptation and in just a split second, with me knowing that I was on birth control, I knew that it was a strong possibility that I would go ahead and have sex. So Gods wisdom told me, “Brittany, do not get on those pills”. When we start operating in Gods wisdom, He will teach us how to start thinking, how to live pure and how to flee from all kinds of sexual sin. (Yes ladies just because it’s not penetration does not mean it’s not sexual immorality. Any kind of sex outside marriage is sin, like oral sex, for example )

So I want to say to all parents; think before you put your daughter on birth control. What lesson are you really teaching her? What it teaches is to prepare more for the physical consequences over spiritual ones. Don’t put these devices in place of being a parent/ good steward over Gods gift to you and actually teaching them kingdom principles because kids know what you teach them and you don’t have to have that ” well they’re going to do it anyway”, or ” I’d rather they be safe then sorry” mentality. That’s a mentality that has already given up on them and the TRUTH is there is no such thing as safe sex out of marriage. Reality is, whether it’s sex with or without theses devices, when its done outside marriage it’s damaging. And yes, they will make their own decisions but you have the power to guide those decisions so STAND for the kingdom and don’t waiver or let the world teach them bad habits. Instead, teach them how to date ( see link below), how to flee sexual sin altogether and most importantly how to go to heaven

1 Corinth 6:9-10  Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived:Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

The teaching on this audio is to open our eyes and children’s eyes now so that we won’t even come to the choice of  condoms, birth control, abortion, or plan B pill. Because the TRUTH is all of it is nothing but false security, a foundation made of sand, having us think, “Wheew! I’m good i’m covered yes”, while our souls are moving further from God. It’s never too late to start new. Just let the past be simply that, the past. Always remember that…Stay encouraged.

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   You Can Choose What you Want to do But you cant Choose the Consequences

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Britany Jones

Brittany Jones is an inspirational writer and speaker for young women. Her passion is to empower young women to live their best life by knowing their self-worth and the power of sexual Integrity.

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