Hey girl hheeeeeeyyyy! I just want to tell you thank you for being a faithful reader/ watcher (lol) on this blog. I know there have been a couple of weeks past ( I blog every other Monday) without any new content and that is due to…LIFE! At the end of each year I take a break from social media and this is considered social. I will be gone the months of Nov and Dec but I will be back in January with much needed and appreciated encouragement.

In the mean time I highly encourage you to subscribe to SHE Abundantly’s YouTube Channel where I release content there more often then I blog here. There are SOOO many videos there that will helpĀ  in your every day life, like this one: What Porn Taught Me and How We Ladies are Being Misled

In the mean time lets have a much needed girls chat. Have you ever asked yourself this question: “do good people go to Heaven?” I’m sure you assumed it right? I know I have. 🤷🏽‍♀️ lets talk a bit and discover the answer that will put all questioning to rest🤗 You need to hear this.