untitled-design-6Do I really need to go to church? This is a popular question that i’m sure you have asked either in your head or to someone one else. I have asked the same question and can I be totally honest with the answer?

Well, the answer is …YES!

First lets understand what the church is. The church is not the place that you go to on Sundays or any other day, that is a building. The church is the people of God. It is the people that believe in God through His son Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, believers, saints etc. Anytime you come across the word “church” in the bible, that is what it is referring to. The word ” Church” originally means “an assembly” or “called out ones”.

So if its not a building then why do I need to go to a building? I have ” church ” at home in my bed, I watch pastors all the time on t.v. I don’t have to go anywhere to to have a relationship with Jesus if I already believe in Him.

These are a few of the lies that the enemy plaques all the people of God with to discourage them from meeting together in a specified place. Now, since the enemy has been talking so much , you start talking and ask God this question: “why is he trying so hard to get me to not attend a worship service with a local body of believers?” Ahhh now we’re getting somewhere.

As you read the word of God you will find that God uses the Church to help