Drunk in love? Impaired judgment, clouded mind, dominated by intense emotions, not hearing or seeing things for what they are. And Love? Low-On-Valuable-Education. Drunk in love will have you waking up the next month, or even years, asking self ” How did I get here and what was I thinking?” When we are not mentally aware, having sound judgement, 9 times out of 10 we cant see the warning signs, even if they smacked us in the face!

Men don’t become absent fathers or deadbeats after the child is born. I believe this was in him before it all began. Unfortunately all little boys are not taught how to be a father or a husband, as well as some of us women. The thing is when we don’t know better, don’t know our worth, don’t know our creator, then we will accept less, we will accept “I need a man to hold me, I’m lonely, help me take care of these kids, I’m getting older, I’m lonely, I’m lonely, I”m lonely”

There are warning signs that tell us just who he is:

1) Willing to have sex with you ” I don’t know my worth let alone yours girl, or “I don’t care”

2)Is comfortable living off of your dime/your ride and may get mad if it stops ” Why work, for what when I got you taking care of me”

3) Is ok with cohabiting/living together not married ” I’m not a commitment kind of guy, leaving room to ‘walk out’ If I want to”

4) Smoke weed, play video games, hang with ‘boys’ day after day ” Girl, I aint got no plan!”

5) Have children that he chooses not to take care of ” And I’m suppose to take care of yours?”

Then we are left to play ” the strong woman”, to be mommy and daddy, to be the head of the house, screaming out “FORGET YOU DEADBEAT”! These are positions we were never created to fulfill. ¬†In no way am I downing this woman. Because when it comes down to it, we do what we have to do the best way we know to do it ( shout out to my mommy:) But I’m just exposing the enemy.

The enemy has played mind games on us long enough. With this mind set all we do is end up broken with scatter souls looking for the next dude that we “allow” to talk our panties off and break us down even more. We cant raise men, that’s not our job but we sure enough can break this cycle by getting “us” together and being made whole!

The only way this can be done is by God filling the holes in your heart that no one else can! What happens is as soon as we have found the opposite sex we use them to fill our voids instead of  allowing Christ to fill them first. So we fall into this ongoing cycle of filling voids with the empty things allowing it to become our comfort and holding on strong to it, not realizing that its becoming harder and harder to let go and allow God to fill it. Break the vicious cycle ( and yes its viscous) by allowing Him to fill the depths of your heart. Allow Him to be that perfect gentlemen who takes care of all the bills, commits to you, commits to you, commits to you, loves on you unconditionally and shows you just how beautiful you are. By comforting you and showing you how to deal with pain and difficult situations.

Trust me, we have all been there but if we are still going through the same things with guy after guy and yes even the same guy, maybe it aint them! The warning signs are there, the lights are flashing, the siren is deafening, the rail road gate has been let down that says “DO NOT PASS”, but its not noticed until we are smacked in the face with