Unfortunately it’s not unheard of that guys pressure girls to give up their body for sex. In fact I know that pressure all to well. I realized that growing up as a young girl and now young woman, I believed that my voice didn’t carry much power and authority because I would always cave into the pressures to do things I didn’t want to do, even after I said NO! (I’m still working on that voice in other areas of my life). I know for me, it stems from a serious lack of validation from a mother and father. So if I wasn’t trained to know that I matter, that my voice and opinion matters, then where would I get that certain level of confidence from? I would suffer great loss before I found it but i’m so glad I did.  I’m so glad that God fills the holes that others forget to fill and He has and continues to teach me that I have a voice and it is to be respected 100%. You have a voice and you should never let anyone, especially a guy, pressure you into doing things or defiling your body in any way.

I want to share with you some confidence that I picked up along this journey that I know you will benefit from. The next time you feel pressured from a guy to have sex, ( and before you tell him to get lost) tell him this! (press play)

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