Are you in a relationship and you know you shouldn’t be?

My last relationship lasted 4 years… yes 4 years too long and I knew I was not supposed to be in it. I stayed out of comfort and fear. I stayed because I didn’t trust God to know what was best for me. I stayed because I was afraid to face the reality that my own plans and who I chose would never work for the good of my life. If you know that you are not supposed to be in the current relationship that you are in, what’s holding you back from walking away? Is it the pain of a broken heart that you don’t want to feel? Is it the lies you are believing that no one else would truly love you other than the person you are with? Is it a precious baby that you fear won’t have a father figure?

What I am learning is that fear is one horrible leader.😩

Getting over a break up is tough business but thankfully you don’t have to do it alone. Listen in to part 1 and 2 as me and my home girl talk about our relationships that ended and why we wish we would have walked away sooner. A broken heart is real but so is the healing and growth afterwards.