I wish when I was younger someone would have sat me down and talked to me about sex. I wish when I was younger someone would have been real with me and schooled me on the game. I wish when I was younger I would have known that sex before marriage was not the plan God has for his sons and daughters.

I gave my virginity away at the age of 15 and I can honestly say it was the worse decision I have made in my entire life. It was the summer before my sophomore year in high school and my mom was in the hospital for domestic violence.

Witnessing that episode, you can already imagine that I was going through something much deeper than what my mind could comprehend. My mom was going through and my dad was the cause of it, so what did I do?? Turn to a boy, subconsciously looking for a man’s love and affection that I never had.

I didn’t know I was opening the door for the devil to come right in. I didn’t know how valuable I was and that my body was a temple, Gods resting place. I surely was not thinking that my virginity was sacred and it was only meant for my husband on my wedding night, Gods master plan!!

Do you know once you show the devil what you like, he will use it as his best weapon against you?! I was giving away the cookies, my precious body and soul to this guy, trying to find love, but all I found was lust and hurt, and the cycle continued.


Ladies can you honestly say that you felt whole, secure and at ease giving yourself away? Did you think that he loved you so much and you knew you two were going to be together only to realize that was far from the truth? Sex is spiritual and emotional, the last thing it is is physical. Have you