Be inspired to inspireFor a time in my life, I hated where I lived. To all those who still currently live in their home town can definitely relate to this. I have always been a person that never liked to stay stagnant, stuck in one place. But as we know not everyone around us has the same kind of desire.

It got to a one point  where I wanted to leave town and never come back. I got so fed up with my surroundings and the people, like seriously. I felt so alone and so discouraged because I felt like there was no one who wanted to do the things I was doing and no one to relate to. I was so much in my feelings that I started even planning to leave town, all because of other people. I gave myself a year to do it.

But God sure has a way of tearing those emotional gods down! He made me realize that everything He does is strategic and I am where I am location wise because I am suppose to be here at this time. When you find that no one around you desires to grow, take it upo