For part 1 click hereI Need a Man in My Life! Settling Pt. 1

Settling cost!! And to me the price was not worth it. It cost me my self worth, my time, my respect, my money, many broken hearts, my virginity, my blessings, my sanity, my joy, my peace and most importantly my relationship with the true and living God. For years I settled. If it wasn’t in one area it was in another. But I came to the conclusion that I can’t afford to settle anymore and ladies I believe you cant either.

There came a time where I said enough is enough. I got tired. See ladies the problem today is a lot of us are not tired yet. But when will we start putting our soul first? Our dignity and self respect? Is it worth giving up just to have a man to sleep with or hold us at night, or to go on a date, have some one to text us or tell us good morning every day? Is that man worth your spot in heaven? Eternity with God? Because believe it or not some of the things we are settling for is going to get us nothing but a one way ticket to hell. Is he worth that? umm NO. There was too much hell in my life and  I began to desire the abundant life that God promises to me and these are the steps I took to get there.

Steps to Freedom

1.  Acknowledge  

The first step is to acknowledge where you are. Be honest with yourself. You will never move toward the solution if you’re not acknowledging the problem. To me settling is accepting the bare minimum, accepting less than what you know you deserve. God came to give us life abundantly and if you are with a guy that is hindering you from His blessings, causing you to sin, then more then likely you are settling.

For example, I had to accept the fact that every time I had sex or did anything sexually and not married, I was settling. I was giving up my body for free and not making him appreciate me and recognize my true value. I was saying I’m not worth waiting for, not worth respecting, and I was saying to God ” a relationship with you is not that important to me and I really don’t want to be blessed or see heaven”. That’s really what we are saying when we sin against Him. His word says flee fornication and anytime we are disobedient we forfeit our blessings and invite Gods wrath into our lives.  


2.  Isolation

Don’t be afraid of this word. Isolation is one of the best things God did for me. In order to do better you can’t continue to surround yourself with the person that got you in this mess in the first place. In order for God to elevate you He MUST isolate you from the mess. I had to step back from my relationship and actually allow God to work on me and him. When you spend so much time with that person every other voice becomes muffled, like Gods voice. Think about it, if you was hearing Gods voice then you wouldn’t be in the situation you’re in now. Step back so you can hear from God to make the best decisionsSo if you guys are living together and not married, then this is a must!

I have heard people say this, “Well I don’t have anywhere else to live”. This goes back to being honest with self and your situation. Is it really that you don’t want to go back and live with your mom because she argues too much?  Is it simply the fact that you are choosing to do what you want to do and not giving Gods word a second thought? Whatever the situation is God did not call any one to live in sin, so know that’s not you