I am SA fullSHE Abundantly is more than just an idea or the title to some blog, its a movement! When I decided to start this blog some years ago I had no clue what was really going to come about through it. I just knew that I had some things inside of me that I could not keep inside, I had to get out!


Little did I know that it would begin to consume my life and that so much more would come from it.

The name SHE Abundantly comes from a desire I have for all ladies to receive everything God has for them and to be fulfilled in EVERY area in their lives, becoming SHE Abundantly (John 10:10). That’s the Vision, and its happening all around, even for myself 🙂

SA ultimately focuses on creating better relationships with God, self and others. To have a better relationship with  self, we must first better our relationship with God.  And having a better relationship with self ultimately creates better relationships with others.  I believe one of the main ingredients to being whole, outside of accepting Jesus as savior, is sexual purity, which is the biggest topic here at SA.

Sexual sin damages or creates holes in every area of our lives, our bodies, soul and spirit, and when we have holes in us