OMjust be you 1G she is so pretty. She is talented. Her clothes are soooo cute. Wow, her hair is gorgeous. Look at her body she can always stay thin.

I wish I was her. I wish I had what she has. I wish, I, wish I wish!
This sounds all too familiar. You turn on the t.v and feel the pressure or desire to compare yourself to her. You go to school and feel less than because you don’t have what the next girl has. You may think she is pretty and has nice things but does that make you any less than what you are?

I have caught myself saying these same things throughout my life, always looking at everyone else and their status and feeling bad about my own. It made me walk with low self esteem. It made me spend all my money I made in High school working at Target just so I can look like everyone else or feel like I was what I thought every other girl was. Then one day I had a reality check. Yes she may be this and that but guess what?? So am I! As a young woman decide to celebrate and love you just as God made you!

If God wanted every one to look the same, dress and talk the same then He would have made clones of just one person, but He didn’t. He made Ashley to be Ashley, Alicia to be Alicia, Mia to be Mia and you to be you! There is no one else in the entire world that looks l