Letters to My 20’s

Dear 20 | Letters to My 20’s

On May 18, 2020 I will officially be 30 Years old Ahh! 🙂

And for the next 10 days I will be sharing 10 videos ( 1 per day) for every year where I will be speaking to myself (and you) as I share lessons that I’ve learned that year and advice to take to the next year.

I have been through heart break, the pressures of college and career, racism, discovering my God given purpose, anxiety, loneliness, facing fears, leaving everything I know to move to a different state, learning my self-worth, sexual integrity and embracing singleness, confronting childhood traumas, weight gain, loss, gain, loss lol… and the journey continues.

My 20’s have been beautiful but TOUGH and my heart is for every young queen who finds herself struggling to make it through it. Just know that not only will you survive.. you will Thrive! With God leading your life I know your journey will continue to be worth the travel.

Check out “Dear 20” as I talk about the lesson I learned when it comes to dating a guy.

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