“Loneliness is not the Absence of a Man but…” Purpose Pt. 1

“Loneliness is not the Absence of a Man but…” Purpose Pt. 1

Purpose = the reason for which something is created

Every last one of us has a purpose. We were created with a specific task in mind, a task that brings God glory. If our highest desire or goal is to be laid up under a man or to get married then we have missed it and our knowledge of our creator and intent of our creation must increase. When we choose to  seek to marry without knowing our purpose first, the only thing we will be is a great maid and some good “in house” booty!! This is reality.

Do you know what the original definition of a pervert is?

Perversion= to use something in a way that it was not intended to be used

If I tried to use a comb to brush my teeth I have perverted the comb. I am using it in a way it was not made to be used.. get it? So when our lives deviate from the original design and intent that God had for it, we have perverted our lives, and can rightly take on the tittle of PERVERT!
“Loneliness is not the absence of people or a man but the absence of purpose”
From the age of 15, I have sought to be in a relationship and I didn’t even know why. The world has done a superb job in feeding us a fantasy, glorifying sex and relationships and encouraging us to want to be in relationships. We think that if we are not in one then we are not living or we are misfits. This lie has been one of the biggest schemes that the devil has used to knock us off of the right path. Have you ever heard those stories of young kids who graduated from college by the age 16 or have made millions of dollars by starting their own business? This is because somebody told them that there was more to them then surface things like trying to be the best dressed or trying to be booed up. ( I was trying to do both )

From the age 14-24, my attention was distracted and I was focused on the wrong thing, finding my purpose in the opposite sex instead of my God given purpose. Back in 2014, I exited a relationship I was never suppose to be in. I allowed it to distract me for 4 years too long. God was telling me to leave for the longest and once I did, I felt like my life just started all over again. I became free to get to know me and know God and figure out my God given purpose. Since He has been revealing it to me, my life has been so much better, and that’s an understatement!

When you know what you are purposed to do, you wont have any idle time being bored and wanting to fill it up with a boy. Your life will have the fulfillment that it is suppose to have and when that time comes for a husband, it will be a supplement to your life and not the sum of your life!! ( ladies marriage is a ministry, not something to jump into if you are not aware of the responsibility that comes along with it)

God created you with diversity and so many layers. He is a creative God and everything he has made has a purpose: chairs = for sitting, flowers= to feed the insects, spread pollen etc, sun, moon & stars= to tell the seasons and days. With all the things that God has made, I believe we are the most creative creation of His hands, yet we have failed to go past the surface of our existence. This shouldn’t be so. Ask God to know what your God given purpose is and live it. You are created to Glorify Him in so many ways 🙂

7 Reasons why we seek to be in a relationship
  • “I want to avoid loneliness, I am bored ( # 1 Reason)
  • I want to “feel” Loved
  • Because everyone else is and I am left out
  • I am getting older and feeling the pressure to tie the knot soon for fear I will end up an old maid
  • I am looking for someone to fill an emotional cavity left by someone who broke my heart? (daddy-less child)
  • I am fornicating and/or incessantly lusting and I want to get married so my sexual immorality is no longer an issue.
  • I have found someone who meets all my standards and I want to make it official as soon as possible for fear of letting them get away”  – Dr. R.A Vernon

Common denominator is Absence of purpose or nothing going for self.

The answer to this equation is = Life unfulfilled

“If you identify with any of these reasons, you need to step back, for sure, do some praying and   consider reevaluating your self worth, your motivation, and your relationship with God before you go any further” –R.A Vernon

Continue to Pt. 2  as I map out how to seek your purpose How to Seek Your Purpose Pt.2


Britany Jones

Brittany Jones is an inspirational writer and speaker for young women. Her passion is to empower young women to live their best life by knowing their self-worth and the power of sexual Integrity.

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