Purpose = the reason for which something is created

Every last one of us has a purpose. We were created with a specific task in mind, a task that brings God glory. If our highest desire or goal is to be laid up under a man or to get married then we have missed it and our knowledge of our creator and intent of our creation must increase. When we choose to ┬áseek to marry without knowing our purpose first, the only thing we will be is a great maid and some good “in house” booty!! This is reality.

Do you know what the original definition of a pervert is?

Perversion= to use something in a way that it was not intended to be used

If I tried to use a comb to brush my teeth I have perverted the comb. I am using it in a way it was not made to be used.. get it? So when our lives deviate from the original design and intent that God had for it, we have perverted our lives, and can rightly take on the tittle of PERVERT!
“Loneliness is not the absence of people or a man but the absence of purpose”
From the age of 15, I have sought to be in a relationship and I didn’t even know why. The world has done a superb job in feeding us a fantasy, glorifying sex and relationships and enc