Going in circles?? Naaw, make it up in your mind TODAY that you cant afford to spend another day blind and in the wilderness going in circles, first name ” Compromise ” last name ” Repeat.”

You have kids looking up to you, lil girls wanting to know how to live righteous. God has put souls in place who are waiting on you to get free and to be delivered. There are flyers waiting for your name to be placed on there as keynote speaker, books are waiting for you to write them, songs are waiting for you to compose them, businesses are waiting for you to start them, all to help build God’s Kingdom. And if God allows, we have MAYBE 80 to 100 years to fulfill our purpose (That’s short & subtract your age now its even shorter).

You have no more time to waist. You must FIGHT for your freedom now!!!!!! Its yours!!! God loves you sooo much and you can do this 🙂

I would not be real if I didn’t share that I was once on that same merry-go-round. But key word is  “Was”. I had to decide with all my soul at stake to get off and go straight. So I speak to you with so much heart, concern, compassion and authority  “GET OFF”.  Its more damaging than you can imagine.

So this is not a New Yr resolution but a change of lifestyle.  Declare this today:

  • I will not be another woman gone down, killed from a man I was not suppose to be with or be  living with
  • I will not let another man enter into my body, steal the very gift and essence of me, and damage  my soul more than it is. Only My husband can open this gift AFTER we say ” I do”.
  • I will no longer be lost, naive and gullible, believing every lie given to me just so that I can continue to fill a void that only God can fill anyway.
  • NO LONGER will I choose a man’s promise over Gods’.
  • I Will give all of me to God so that HE may teach me who I am, how precious and rare of a jewel I am, and how to no longer hook myself “queen of the Most High” to another “low life”
Gen 1:27  says that you are created in the very image of God. Treat yourself and demand to be respected as such 🙂

Please dont leave without listning to his poem sent from heaven for us ladies to hear. Dangerously in Love – Jackie Hill

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