Do you have a list of confessions that you speak out loud to yourself everyday? If not, you should.

Prov 81:21 says Life and death is in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

What this means is either you build things with your words or you will destroy with your words and the words (seeds) that you speak will produce fruit that you will eat, whether good or rotten.

Have you ever caught yourself just trashing yourself? Yup, me too!

“I’m fat, my skin is horrible, my hair looks a mess, I cant do it, I’m not good enough blah blah blah”

God made us in His image, unique and different from each other, right? Yes, He did! So why do we find ourselves doing this?

I believe we do this because, one, we live in a fallen, sinful world where we automatically think and speak bad! And two, because we have allowed others or the common voice to set the standards of beauty and success for us instead of living from Gods view of us. We compare ourselves and think that if its not like the next person then it isn’t right.

To be successful we must define it:

“Success is the completion and fulfillment of the original intent and purpose of your existence.”

“In other words, it is not materials or out doing others but discovering your purpose and fulfilling it before you die. Just because you do something better than another is not success at all but what you do compared to what you should and could have done. So the only ones to know if you are truly successful is You and God.”—– Myles Monroe

When we speak these things about ourselves we begin to believe them, and our attitudes, who we link up with, where we go and where we work, will begin to reflect how we view ourselves. Have you noticed that in your own life? I’m going through this right now! I realized that I must practice speaking life to myself because my¬†words are building blocks and what ever I speak is what I am creating. So every time I speak over myself, I am building my confidence, self- esteem, a better body image & a better me all around.

To confess means to declare something, proclaim, announce, state, acknowledge, voice, express, publicize, broadcast etc. When we confess things out of our mouths it goes from our mouths to our ears and to our brains, creating sort of like a positive feed back loop where our good words create better thinking. This creates better actions and results in speaking better words again and again. When you speak it out loud you drown out other voices i.e the voice of the enemy who lies to us every chance he can get. This will cause us to no longer hear the enemies lies but Gods truth reprogramming our minds.

Do you have a list of confessions that you speak out loud to yo