Fashion trends come and go and you always hear of things that’s considered “In” this yr and things that are no longer hip, cool, trendy, fashionable or “on fleek” lol Its a new year and there is something that needs to stay in 2014 never to resurface again.

Its played out, not cute, no longer trendy, cool or hip: Trying to be in a relationship with dude, bae, hubby, bf boo, before being in a relationship With Christ.

Why? because He is love and when we try to fill that void of love in our hearts with a man before God, we will always come up short, heartbroken, soul scattered and on to the next trying to fill it again. I did for 10 yrs.

Declare with me that this yr will be the beginning of a real relationship with Christ, not a new yr resolution but a new way of life.Its no longer cute trying to get “wifed up” when we don’t even know our God given purpose yet, that trend is played out. 🙁

Your future is so much brighter than your past!!!! Its time to get with the trend, only this one will bring your Single season so much life and abundant blessings! Because if we don’t, we will continue to suffer in the wilderness, always on the outside looking in, out of reach of what God really has for us.
 I got to a point to where I had to get with it, had to drop it off in 2014 and let me tell you, now I’m styling for days lol Its gorgeous on this side. Will you join me?

How I did it:

1.    I had to be totally honest with self and accept this was not God and not for me ( you can no longer lie to yourself…AT ALL)
  • He had no purpose with me or for me and I had yet to know my God given purpose
  • I was bound to counting the years. I thought if i could say ” We been together for this many years” then it was something good but really it wasn’t..4 yrs long should have been a clear sign to me that there was no purpose.
  • I chose his promise ( yea we gon get married) over God’s promise
  • He was a HUGE emotional filler for me
  • I was attracted to the family he had and didn’t want to give it up
  • His looks had me hooked and kept me bound
  • He was saved like me but we were still “unequally yoked”
  • I never felt secure or felt that leadership aspect of a man
  • Our convictions were not the same so our desires to flee from lust were not the same
  • Neither one of us had reached the maturity of womanhood and manhood therefor we should have never even got together  ( find out what that means here