Project Description

August 2019

“We can’t be fashionable without fabric. When we show off meat, all we will attract is dogs”- SHE Abundantly

God’s plan! Sometimes I feel good about it, scared of it, comforted and encouraged by it and sometimes I straight up 🏃🏾‍♀️from it…because it’s not my own and what I can’t see or plan I naturally oppose ( Yea! I’m one of those kids)

I constantly have to remind myself of how wonderful God’s plan is, not only for me but for the 🌎. His plan of salvation and bringing life to humanity through the OG Jesus is just 👌🏾 and He has included me ( and you😏) to join Him along the way.

So despite the different emotions I feel about it and the limited understanding of exactly how He is going to incorporate this introverted sometimes double minded girl into it all, I choose #GodsPlan over mine because I know His is so much better to live. Will you?

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