Project Description

February 2018

“We can’t be fashionable without fabric. When we show off meat all we will attract is dogs” -SHE Abundantly

You know there is levels to this self-esteem thing. If you live in this world like I do I bet that your perception of whats “acceptable” has been trained by what you see and its a constant battle to see that “you” are the standard of beauty… just as God made you.

A few insecurities:

• I don’t smile a lot these days due to dental work failure
• I battle with the thought of wearing make up to only “cover up” my blemish stricken skin
• I have to constantly remind self that christ made me “enough” and I am accepted 100% of this time and after time ends. ( outside of people and things)

I love to show young women like me that modesty is an option but I can’t talk about the outside without uncovering the inside because our style of dress usually reflects our style of heart. What insecurities lay deep within that determines what you do on the outside?

Join me in some much needed confrontation by speaking the truth over self because when we ignore those lies and insecurities they soon become our prison guards.

I Am Enough…I Am The Standard…I Am Beautiful…..I Am Accepted…