Project Description

October 2017

“We can’t be fashionable without fabric. When we show off meat all we will attract is dogs” -SHE Abundantly

Porn was my addiction. When it called I never pressed Ignore. All I needed was an opportunity. I didn’t know that it would eventually destroy and reshape my view of love and sex. I thought it was love! How the women were treated in the videos, I wanted that to be done to me because if it got her male attention, if that’s what pleased men then surely that’s how you get it, that’s how you do. Just let them treat you like a sex toy, abuse and degrade your body until he’s satisfied. Im just here to please a man!

But God never created sex to be used selfishly, to be exploited or to be someone’s addiction. He created it to make 2 become 1 in covenant, producing intimacy within that covenant, to build families and communities, and to teach the importance of commitment and worship.

How does porn kill love? Here is one way: It trains your body to be sexually aroused by pixels on a screen, hijacking your sex drive to where the real thing is no longer appealing to you, causing you to compare your spouse or future spouse and feeling dissatisfied when they don’t measure up. It also increases desire to cheat, and if you think about it, porn is already cheating in your heart

God created man and woman to delight in each other and anything that comes in and tries to take away that intimacy is a threat to love. Its not love! God I hear You loud and clear now

Love: Giving up selfish desires for the benefit of another…my future husband, my future kids, my perspective, my relationship with God, my purpose!

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