Purity Point #1: Protect Your Sex at ALL Times!

When asked “what is sex?” I’m pretty sure the most common answer you will hear is vaginal penetration. As you can see, it’s much more than that. It’s any activity that involves the sex organs to do it. Let me explain it in a different way; it is any act performed to get a sexual feeling or orgasm in the end. Even if you never get to that end feeling, but the intent to do so was there, it’s sex!


Honestly, I didn’t completely understand what sex was until my adult years. I use to think that if I felt sexual feelings then it must mean that I have to relieve myself of that feeling by doing sexual things. It started in grade school. I can’t even remember what grade I was in but I was super young and clearly had no clue of what I was really getting myself into.  I started humping with clothes on, to pornography that I became addicted to, which led to masturbation and eventually vaginal sex and, well…other forms of sex!


What I did not know then, I want you to know right now: Just because you feel it does not mean you are supposed to do it!


Have you ever felt like slapping someone? Well did you do it? I hope not lol


There is a proper time to awaken sex and even 1 minute too soon brings heavy consequences that one can’t even begin to understand. We all have a God given desire to be sexually attracted to the opposite gender, and that’s absolutely normal and healthy.  God created sex and called it good. He created sex to be the ultimate act of intimacy between a man and woman but more deeply, God created sex  to mirror the relationship between a human and himself. ( Say whhaaaat?!)  But there’s just one thing we must not overlook: He created it with standards and boundaries. When you skip out on the rules and use something in a way it was not meant to be used, you end up abusing it and willingly invite malfunction into your life. A good thing used the wrong way loses it’s “good factor”. Cellphones are great to use but what happens when you misuse it, like dropping it in water? You get the point!


The feelings of  “Sex” means now it’s time to protect and prepare! Protect your sex by keeping it packaged to avoid damage and prepare for the right time to allow it to blossom and thrive ( we will talk about the right time later). Now doesn’t that sound amazing?


Purity Point #1: Protect Your Sex at ALL Times!

No matter what decision you have made in the past, it’s never too late to begin to protect and prepare what is most valuable, more valuable than you could ever imagine, your sex. You will be glad you did!


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Tell me what you thought about Purity Point #1. Did you know what sex was before watching this video? Is your story similar to mine growing up? I want to hear all about it plus more ?