Purity Point # 3: Never Treat a “Temporary” as a “Forever”

I just love this purity point. If I knew this as a young girl, I guarantee you that I would have missed out on a lot of unnecessary heartbreak and pain.


Sex is permanent and so are the effects of it. Permanent means lasting for a long time or forever and once sex is done, it’s done. It can never be undone. It is designed to bind the 2 involved together until death. No seriously, not only do your bodies come together but your soul and spirit as well and when sex is done with some one who is not there to stay, it is the worse thing to do to yourself.


With what you know about sex so far, do you believe it’s something that should be causally done? Since the effects are forever, when should sex be done? Well, when it’s forever. That makes sense right? The only forever or permanent romantic relationship between a man and woman is…marriage. This is why God created sex for marriage and marriage only. He did this for many reasons. One of them is to show us the importance of commitment, as He is committed to those who trust in Him. Another reason is to protect us from the negative consequences we experience from misusing sex, just to name a few.


Temporary means lasting or occurring for a short period of time.


What are some things that are temporary in your life?


  1. A hairstyle
  2. Your nail color
  3. The house you live in or the car you drive
  4. Money ( yes money)
  5. Your current boyfriend??


Just because you say you are in a committed relationship with someone does not mean its true commitment.  When people do business together what is the first thing they do? They sign contracts. This legally binds them into the agreement they just made so that they can’t just walk away or skip out on their end of the deal, leaving the other party hanging.  You do this when you rent or buy a home, a car and so much more.  If a business understands the concept of commitment, even concerning material things,  if they know how to protect themselves and their investments, how much more important is it to protect your self,  your time, your body, heart and future!


What are some things that are permanent after sex is over?


  1. The emotional scars
  2. The memories. ( they haunt me till this very day)
  3. Some STD’s, like genital herpes.
  4. Videos, pictures and screen shots.
  5. Children (the ones you give birth to and the ones that never made it to that point.)


Every decision you make today, you will surly live out the affects of it tomorrow and so will your future children. If you know the feelings of coming from a broken home or growing up without a father because of decisions your parents made, then you know exactly what I am talking about.


Purity Point # 3: Never Treat a “Temporary” as a ” forever”.


After that temporary leaves, you are left to deal with the permanent consequences on your own.


“When you treat your dating relationship like it’s a marriage, a break up will feel like a divorce!”- Jackie Brewton,  7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships


Ladies, I can’t begin to tell you how true that statement is!


Let’s Talk!


Tell me what you thought about Purity Point #3. After understanding how permanent sex is and what a real commitment is, can you understand why a boyfriend or even a fiance does not fit the definition?  Here are a few questions to ponder on: What is a boyfriend? What qualifies someone to be my boyfriend? By giving him that title, what am I giving him access to? Will it permanently affect me?


I’m really excited to hear your thoughts on this one. On your mark…get set…go!!