Purity Point #4: Accept the Help!

In order to be successful at anything in life, it’s going to take a team effort to do it.

I have never seen a person who has succeeded at their craft do it all by themselves. To be honest it’s just an impossible task to complete. You know what I hear young ladies say? “This is a different generation, you just can’t relate to me”, or “you don’t understand what I am going through”.  All I can think is, “wow, was I that lost? Is that how I thought about people older than me or those who tried to spit the truth to me?” The truth is, that’s exactly how I thought. Now I have the scars to prove it!


My scars prove the lack of wisdom I had. I had no clue of what was right and what was clearly wrong for my life. I was choosing to do dumb stuff, like sneak boys into my house as a teen, send naked pics, putting myself in dangerous situations that could have ended in rape, and even stooping so low as to having a one night stand, which afterwards, sent me into a depression. This was an all time low in my life and at that point I knew things had to change. I did all that, plus more,  because I wanted to live this life on my own. I failed doing it alone.


I know ladies who block certain people from their social media accounts, keep secrets, and tell lies, not realizing that what they are hiding will eventually be their biggest downfall. They give up so much of themselves all for attention from some dude who doesn’t  even care about their feelings, but only how they can make him feel in the bed. How many decisions have you made that you now regret, all because you thought you was grown and didn’t want to hear any truth or correction?


The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice”– Proverb 12:15


This walk of sexual purity is going to take humility! It’s going to take you to realize that you do not know it all!  You may be another year older but wisdom doesn’t come with age, you have to pursue it. It may be a new millennium , but the tricks of the enemy NEVER change, only the victims! Don’t let him play you for a fool.


We are all very capable of making wise (right) decisions so understand that in no way am I calling anyone dumb, but it sure is a dumb decision to block out the people who are there to help you! Your purity is an important key to living your best life and it’s going to take a team to win this fight!


Purity Point # 4: Accept the Help


Let’s Talk!


What did you think about purity point #4? I bet you can really relate to it huh? I know now that I can’t make it on my own without wise counsel. Comment below and tell me a situation where someone tried to help you and you ignored it. I would love to share my stories with you.


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