Hey ladies! We have learned so much these past few months on learning our self worth and the fact that we are not girlfriends. I want to continue on this road with …dating and preparation.

A few years ago a friend sent me a teaching from a man named Paul Washer and it literally changed my lifeĀ  from that moment on. It was at that moment that I no longer viewed dating and relationships in the same way. I thank God for that friend x 100. That teaching jump started my desire and pursuit of knowing my self worth and the messages that you hear me speak about today, like the no girlfriend series! I want you to have the same mind change that I received at that very moment those few years ago.

Check out the short video below as I highlight a post I created some time ago titled, How To Date As A Christian. Relationships are not something you just jump into, no, you prepare for the very one that will last!

P.s Don’t let the title scare you away if you are not Christian. The truth works no matter what you believe.