“Sex! You can do it when you want with whoever you want!” Right?! That’s our attitude towards sex and that was my attitude for years until I noticed that Sex + my life = overdraft after overdraft. It just wasn’t adding up!

Sex feels good in the moment and it always seems like it’s the best thing to do whether its with yourself or  in a relationship. But is it?

Today I want to talk about why I am single and not having sex…of any kind. So many of us feel entitled and think that our bodies are ours to do what we want but I have learned that sex is not ours and it’s something to be respected and to wait for.

Listen to part 1 of 2 as I share a few of my reasons as to why I respect sex now ( saving it for a committed marriage) and the benefits I gain from making that decision.

Episode 8 -> Why I Am Single and NOT Having Sex…of Any Kind! Pt.2