Maaaan I had soooooo much fun this past week. Some how the people that inspire me, I mean truly breathe life into me , find their way to ole Kansas City. I went to see such a real cool dude in concert, His name is Dee-1. He is by far one of the LIVEST,  WILDEST artist I have seen in concert.

Going to this concert and being more inspired by the ministry, even more than I was before, was needed on that very day and at that very time because that previous day and even that morning, my light was dim, my heart was hurt and my eyes were full of tears! I was really dealing with rejection.


What I am learning is that rejection is built into this life, it is apart of the purpose God has for us. When you give your life to God its the best decision ever but it is no cake walk at times. You begin to realize that you don’t fit in the crowd like you use to and if you are not careful or even forget where God is taking you, you can become really sad and feel lonely and allow r