Sex and the Single Girl – Read & Chat 

Sex and the Single Girl

Read & Chat 

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Heeey girl!! Join me for a 6 week Read & Chat as we have one of the best discussions that you never knew you needed. A discussion about sex starting July 6th 2020! It is 6 chapters with a 10 min read each day Mon-Fri. It’s FREE to join.  You will just have to purchase your own book 😉

For most women, the idea of sex and sexuality has been shaped by our surroundings and culture which has ultimately created our downfall in this same area.  My desire is for young women like you and I to develop a holistic view on sex and how it relates to our life but ultimately how it relates to our relationship with God.

Who this Read & Chat is for:

  1. Single Women (not married)
  2. Age 18+
  3. Those who have a serious desire for a healthier sexual view and lifestyle.

What You Will Gain:

  1. Knowledge and understanding on God, sex (including masturbation, porn, cohabitation, LGBTQ etc.)  and how all it relates to you.
  2. Tips on overcoming sexual temptations
  3. Confidence in your pursuit of sexual integrity
  4. Community and support along the way…you are NOT alone!

Here’s What to Do

  1. Buy your book on Amazon for $9-13