Its kind of weird even asking that question but some may disagree with my answer. But check it,  if it was not so why would God REQUIRE His kids to wait until marriage for all that good stuff? The only way anyone would feel its not possible is because of the lack knowledge on how to live as a single and fleeing temptation.

See God equips all His kids with mad wisdom on how to live a holy and righteous life for Him, He’s tight like that, but you got to receive it. When Christ died on the cross He defeated ALL sin not some. So when we are struggling with certain sins we should seek God on how to see His freedom manifest in our lives.

Can you really be single saved and not having sex? Yes, and I’m going to share some tips on how to accomplish this! How did i get these tips? Straight from the Holy Spirit (He is a practical teacher) and He gave them to me because first, for the longest I was single (meaning not married), saved and falling into sin, simply because I just didn’t know how to live and second,  I was desperate for them and thirsting for righteous living. So whether you are single with or without a significant other in your life (esp. if you have someone) I believe these tips will help keep you until your Honey moon night 🙂

Me personally, I dated for 41/2 years ( the time when this was recorded) and it ended with no marriage simply because I had no clue how to date as a Christian and I was not being purposeful. But I thank God that through this whole experience I gained more than I lost, I learned righteous living as a single, and I have received life changing knowledge on How to Date as a Christian  (<— AWESOME post, life changing knowledge)

We as believers date to MARRY, that’s it! We shouldn’t waste time being tempted. ( I did for 4 yrs) If we know that this is who God says we are to marry then go forth. There is no “well lets wait and see”. Either we are moving toward marriage or I’m single. But never the less as I was learning how to keep myself I picked up some great habits that is so worth sharing to the world. Please watch as I share different sexual triggers and how to avoid them

This is my first Video blog! Excuse the shaky camera I was recording on the bed and forgot the principle of motion lol Watch both parts start to finish. You will be blessed !

If you cant see the video, click here –> Single Saved and not having sex