How many of us ladies have said “I want to be married” or “I can’t wait to be married”. You can’t see it but my hand is raised! I have had my share of fantasies just like the next girl. Many of us have already picked out our wedding dresses and even visualized ourselves with our dream guy.

In total honesty, my fantasies were quite surface though. As I examined the reasons why I wanted to marry, I could not see any heartfelt reason for doing it. Marriage is a beautiful union between man and woman and a  healthy desire but I wonder how many of us really know why we are to get married? How many of us want to get married for the right reasons? Test yourself right now and see just how ready you really are.

Should you be having sex right now?

Find out the answer plus more through an interactive chat I created with you in mind, SHE Abundantly’s 4 Points of Purity. This information is going to change your life and how you see love, sex and relationships!