That’s a Bad Chick!

That’s a Bad Chick!

bad chick 300As we grow as young women we develop certain characteristics about ourselves that make us who we are. Our character is how we respond  to situations every time or basically what we have allowed in our hearts.

There are so many examples out there of what a grown woman is or should be. For example, all these reality shows where all they do is cuss, fight, worried about a man and looking foolish, letting men dog them out and so much more. I can say that at one point my character was stank. I was a gossip, liar, and I didn’t care how the next person felt kind of girl ( and  I’m still growing daily) . But eventually being stank on the inside causes you the pain, no one else.

Everything about you can be  flawless, slayed, perfect, hair eyebrows, clothes, shoes, nails, and whatever else that can be seen. But what’s MOST important is the things that can’t be seen, whats in your heart! People will remember you not by what you wear or post on social media but what comes out of your heart. Don’t be that girl that no one can call when they need a friend because they  know you will talk about them or you are really not a genuine person. Every thing that we do to others it will be done to us.

When this world is gone and all you have left is your Soul standing before God, will He be pleased with you and how you carried yourself on earth?

” The Baddest Chick this world will EVER know is a woman who lives her whole life For God – SHE Abundantly”

She will be blessed in all she does! She has God, who created all things, who is all knowing and all powerful, on her side. She prays and makes demons obey, family and friends be saved and healed, situations to change for the good. And her husband and children will be blessed because of her. She builds great lasting relationships and nourishes and encourages other women to be better. God is pleased with her life and all of heaven celebrates her!

 What to Throw Out                                                                    What to Become

Argumentative                                                                                     Loving

Foul mouth                                                                                           Caring

Gossip                                                                                                   Encouraging

 Rude                                                                                                     Compassionate

No compassion                                                                                    Humble

Prideful                                                                                                 Patient

Angry                                                                                                     Gentle

Rejection and rejecting others                                                           Confident

Low self esteem                                                                                  Know who You are in Christ

Lying                                                                                                     Praying woman

Rebellious                                                                                           Pure

“Charm and grace are deceptive, and

[superficial] beauty is vain,
But a woman who fears the Lord [reverently worshiping, obeying, serving, and trusting Him with awe-filled respect], she shall be praised. ”  -Prov 31:30

Never forget this!

Britany Jones

Brittany Jones is an inspirational writer and speaker for young women. Her passion is to empower young women to live their best life by knowing their self-worth and the power of sexual Integrity.

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