puppetHow I Defeat the Enemy

1) I Read & Pray

There have been plenty of times where the moment I open my eyes, crazy things pop up in my head & also hurtful things that may have happened the day before.

Sometimes I wake up feeling sad or have a bad attitude and heavy spirits of worry and doubt come upon me. This is because the moment we open our eyes, evil is waiting to distort our day. I have been attacked enough by the enemy to know that as soon as I open my eyes I prepare for war:

  • I start praying (its not a game) I get on my knees and talk to my God.
  • I declare wonderful things and speak Gods word into the atmosphere “I am more than a conquer, this is a day God has made I will rejoice etc.”
  • I read Gods word before the enemy can do anything. The word is our weapon against his tricks and lies. Just like the body needs food to live, the spirit needs the word to live and fight. Look at Jesus! When He was tempted by the devil in Matthew 4:1-11, He responded every time with, “It is written”, and He quoted God’s word, rebuking the devil and making him flee. This is how we must be.
  • I turn on gospel music and worship as I get dressed.
If you don’t set the atmosphere the enemy will set it for you!

2) I Avoid My Triggers

God has called us to wait until marriage to engage in any kind of sexual activity. Spending the night with a guy is a no go!!! ITS A SET UP abort abort! lol

No matter how strong I thought I was, the flesh failed every time. The enemy knows our weaknesses by our actions and what we show him. I have learned that I can’t give any room for the enemy and I know you ladies can relate. Think about it, you both are chilling, 12 am at night(dangerous hour), watching TV  then hands start roaming and it’s all over from there. I am determined to wait until marriage so now I have to be cautious:

  • No spending the night. We cant be alone after hours.
  • I don’t wear little shorts and t-shirts around him showing my goods. I don’t cause him to lust.
  • Heavy kissing really does lead to others things and your parents were not lying  when they said ” kissing leads to sex”. I have determined that the next man I kiss will be my husband on our wedding day.

3) I Guard My Heart!

If I know certain things I watch or listen to, places I go or certain people in my life trigger previous hurt, bad memories or habits in my life that will cause me to fall into sin, I stay clear of it.

  • There are certain people I just can’t talk to about everything. They allow the enemy to use them to hurt me so I love with wisdom. “Hey, How you doing”, is all they get.
  • I don’t go to the club anymore. There are so many evil spirits that are waiting to latch on to you when you get there and the music is beyond horrible and disrespectful. If an old jam comes on, it’s har