“If you don’t do this, then I won’t do that!”

How many times have we heard that? We maybe have even said it a few times as well. Now let’s not get love confused here. Love is to give up your selfish desires for the benefit (well being) of someone else. If it is not for the good of another then it’s OK to say NO! For example, just because some one is crying for you to do or give something to them does not always mean they need it, and it does not mean you don’t love them if you say no. In fact, when you deny someone of something becasue you know in the end it’s more harmful to them then good, that is an example of true love! You realized it was not beneficial overall.

To give you an example of just what I am talking about, I will link a video below called, “When love means Letting Them Go!

In the mean time, let’s get back to this Best Love That You Will Ever Have. If you don’t do or do something will this love still be available to you? Find out now!

P.s Parts 1-3, just for you

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