Oh the world of dating! To be honest, not many know what they are doing. They end of getting hurt or hurting the other involved in some way and then go through the whole entire process with a totally different person. The cycle continues! I messed this dating thing up in my life so bad that I told God,  “I’m done with dating for the rest of my life. Single it is”. I was so dramatic, I know.  Has anyone ever felt that way? Yes, it gets that real!

I believe I know why this keeps occurring.  Actually, there are many reasons why, like not being mature enough to date, not knowing what the purpose of dating is, false love etc. I found that that there is one common denominator that prevents many from succeeding relationship wise and destroys the heart of the person in the process.  There is a video below that’s going to tell you exactly what it is. You know what to do 🙂

Should you be having sex right now?

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