The Girlfriend Trap: The Bait, What the Trap Creates and Your Way of Escape

While boyfriend and girlfriend relationships are the cultural norm, they are designed to set you up for emotional, physical and spiritual sabotage.


The Girlfriend Trap is the ultimate guide to help young women identify the lies culture has fed them about being a girlfriend, teach them how to break free from dead end relationships, learn their self-worth, and position themselves for the relationship that will bring them a lifetime of true love and commitment.


 Join me in the best girl talk that you will have all year as I share with you:


  1. What the girlfriend trap is
  2. The bait & what the trap creates
  3. The assignment of a girlfriend
  4. How to get out of the trap
  5. How to build your self-esteem and create standards
  6. The ultimate DATING strategy

and more…


This girl talk is packed with thought provoking conversation as well as writing exercises to help you set relational standards that change how you see yourself and how guys see you. You are not called to be a girlfriend! Find out the GREATNESS that you are created to rise to and change your relationship status forever. Don’t delay another second!