untitled-design-72What up SA readers! I hope that you are doing oh so good.  This week I wanted to share yet another personal vlog with you all. I went back and forth on whether I should upload this video you are about to watch or another one that I was thinking on uploading about this encounter I had with this guy ( Yea, stay tuned for that one lol). But this video wins because it’s a message that is powerful and is needed, The Marriage Idol!


How many of us DREAM of the day we get married, of the day when we get to walk down that aisle while all eyes are on us?? Yes, I have had so many thoughts on that day throughout my short time on this earth. Even to the point where people may have thought I was obsessed lol

” OMG who is going to be MY husband? Where are we going to live? Oooohhh I wonder what our kids are going to look like?? They gon be #TeamNatural that’s for sure lol”

I have heard women say that if he don’t come by a certain time then they are going to just find a man to have a baby with and take matters into their own hands. I mean we see many women do it all the time! I have had to sit and ask myself some hard truths when it comes to this topic. “What if I don’t get married in time or what if I never get married?”

Ladies as you question your own heart, I pray that this video will give you the strength and courage to choose right all the days of your life, no matter the outcome.