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The Purity Promise Program is a 8 week virtual experience designed to teach teen girls, age 13-17, how to have a healthy heart and see God and themselves more clearly when it comes to sex. The truth is, school & mainstream media will never teach them this.

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School & Mainstream Media Won’t Teach Her This

Statistics say that before graduating high school, 42% of teen girls will have already had sex (CDC). Wow! If that decision is based on a lack of knowledge, how much lower will that percentage be if she knew truths about sex that goes beyond condoms, birth control and plan B pills? That truth is here and I’m serving up exactly what her heart is starving for.

The Program

What She Will Gain

An understanding of sex and how it affects her body, emotions, spirit and quality of life.

The importance of a relationship with God and why she should never engage in sex without Him.

A greater sense of value and self-worth.

The ability to make sexual decisions based on knowledge and not a feeling or peer pressure.


A 8 week program teaching teen girls the truths about sex from a biblical, scientific and practical standpoint.



Teen girls age 13-17


$180 ($30 a session with payment plan available) which includes


  • A downloadable workbook to keep forever.
  • An intimate community of her peers to connect with.
  • Organized knowledge that can be easily digested.
  • Weekly summary updates for the parent to help continue the conversation at home



Zoom (Download the free App)


(TBA) Saturdays @11 am – 12:30 pm (CST)



For more questions, contact me at Brittany@sheabundantly.com

Topics of Discussion

What Teen Girls Are Saying

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4 Points of Purity

Should you be having sex right now? Find out the answer plus more! (P.s This FREE info is about to change your life!)