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I just love it when the message hits mainstream. I love it when people who have been given a platform actually use it in the way it was designed to be used.

Here on SA my main topic is sex and why God even tells us to wait until marriage to do it.

Devon Franklin and Megan Good ( we know her right? ) married a couple years ago and before they married they were celibate, purposefully choosing to not have sex before marriage for a greater goal ( for God and overall being the best you and receiving real love).  They have recently wrote a book about it all. It is titled “The Wait”. I just downloaded a copy and i’m about to dive into myself!

I want to share a couple of short clips of them two speaking about their life journey and why they chose to wait. Gods blessing is for everyone and He wants you to know its for you too!

One of the best decisions you will ever make is waiting until marriage to have sex! Subscribe to SHE Abundantly and get your own copy of ” I Declare No Sex”, a declaration to waiting to have sex. You won’t regret it.