It’s Not Just a Title, It’s a Movement!

SHE Abundantly: Empowering young women to know their self-worth and the power of sexual integrity.

The name SHE Abundantly comes from a desire I have for all ladies to receive everything God has for them and to be fulfilled in every area of their lives, becoming SHE Abundantly (John 10:10). On this journey, becoming whole is everything. I believe one of the key steps to doing that, outside of accepting Jesus as Lord of your life, is pursuing sexual integrity.

Sexual sin damages every area of our lives; our bodies, soul and spirit. When we have holes in those areas it makes it harder to be whole. For example, if you and I were a cup and someone wanted to fill us up with water (God’s abundance), we wouldn’t be able to hold the water because of the holes in the cup. It is good that we learn about the importance and power of respecting sex and it’s proper place of marriage.  😀

I know that many young ladies are not comfortable talking to others or may not have any one to talk to at all about certain topics. I was the same way. SHE Abundantly is a place where all ladies can experience the truth without shame as we chat about the real issues we face, especially those who may have fallen into religion instead of relationship with Christ. Besides sex, I talk about many others things like living together unwed, identity, relationships and dating, self-esteem, music, fashion and so much more. Visit the Blog for more topics

SHE Abundantly is here to:

  • Elevate your thinking and how you live (when you know better you do better).