“When I Get Dressed It Says…” SA Fashion Pt. 2

“When I Get Dressed It Says…” SA Fashion Pt. 2

Pt. 1 ->  SHE Abundantly Fashion | Holy Breast & Booty | Mature Audience Only! VLOG

THOT= That Hoe Over There!

This is a very disrespectful label and who wants this label on them??? Some girls actually dont mind it…wait what???

I don’t even use this word but I thought it would be useful to share to bring home a message. When I scroll through social media all I see is young women trying to be like the women on t.v. From tight clothes to booty and breast hanging out, I mean the whole Love and Hip Hop getup, from her choice of pose in pics to what she wears. We are all influenced by something / someone whether we know it or not. Think about who you are allowing to influence you and what you are giving off. When you get dressed what does your outfit say about you?


What we wear says a lot about our overall mentality and really our heart. You know a doctor by the scrubs they wear, the mail man by the uniform he wears and as young women what we wear tells a story as well. I would wear anything that I thought was cute and did not care what others thought or how it made others feel. That’s what was in my heart, self satisfaction. But change began to happen for me on the outside only after my heart or character began to change on the inside through the cleansing power of Jesus. I began to think more about others well being more than my own, asking self questions like “will I cause others to fall into lust and sin because of what I am wearing”? I was becoming more like the love Jesus talks about, a love that puts others above self, a love that we should all desire to become.

When we allow Jesus into our hearts He changes us in many ways all for the glory of Him. You can never speak to the outside of a person and tell them to change but that change can only start from the inside and work its way out. So I encourage some and make others aware to let Christ in to demolish all what you thought was right so that He can build all that He know is right. Only then will you become aware of the importance of modesty because wanting to be like what we see and think is cute, in truth, is only going to end in disrespect from men, unwanted sexual attention and encounters with men that may only last for one night…and this is real talk!

When you respect yourself you speak VOLUMES and it shows that you are not  just your body parts but a young woman with a brain that is going places, that wants to be more than somebody’s baby momma. You tell the world that “in order to step to me you are going to have to come up and meet these high standards and put in work becasue I am not some cheap piece  of meat just available for anyone’s taking! I am the daughter of a king, a young girl of integrity, knowing that my beauty comes from the inside FIRST”

Check out my SA Fashion Page and see how I dress and still demand respect! But before you do check out this short video on modesty

Britany Jones

Brittany Jones is an inspirational writer and speaker for young women. Her passion is to empower young women to live their best life by knowing their self-worth and the power of sexual Integrity.

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