Hiiii queen!! OMG I MISSED YOU! How have you been doing during this quarantine? What a crazy year it has been.  Soooo much has happened in just this one year and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Trust me, you are going to want to hear it all because its CRAZY lol But in the mean time I want to encourage you as I do best.

There are days when you are so excited about life so much that you will get up and feel ready to take on whatever challenge life has to offer. Then there are days when you find your mind in a prison, screaming to get out and you running frantically searching for the key but just can’t seem to find it. You want the first kind of day to come everyday right?? But the second kind is coming whether it was invited or not. It’s called living life. It’s called being a human, and its called living in our broken world. I had a emotionally low day and I had to share it with you because I know how challenging it is to bounce out of it.

Anxiousness, fear and doubt are some of the toughest emotions to beat but they can defeated. You will first have to know that you have a weapon to overcome them and identify exactly what that weapon is. Let my words of encouragement help you do just that. Press play!

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