Heyyyyy girrrrl!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR…in March lol

This is my first blog post of the year and it is long overdue but yet right on time. Queen! How are you? I have missed our girl chats. I hope you have too.

So tell me, how has the year been for you so far? Good? Can you see clearly in this 2020 year? I sure can! I see this Corona thing has walked her self on into the world ( i’m just going to call it a she….lol) and unfortunately she was not invited! She didn’t come to dance with us, sing a song, pay no bills or nothing. She straight up came to start some mess!!!

But it’s all good! And let me tell you why! This may have thrown us off our game but this was no surprise to God! The world has gone into a panicked frenzy and I can see why. It’s sudden and it has been claiming lives. But so has many other diseases, even more than lil ole Corona. While the world may look at this as a bad situation, I see the blessing in it all!

The shut down of our schools, jobs, stores and community gatherings has caused us to stop…and be still. And when that happens I believe it is because God desires to hear from his creation. Not to say that this was His doing but He allows things to happen because He knows what needs to be done…in our hearts. He wants our hearts and minds to be set on him and there is no greater time to do that then in this very moment. So do just that. Embrace your family, tell your siblings you love them, put your phone down and enjoy the sun shining and the birds chirping. And DON’T PANIC!

I came off  my hiatus to tell you that you will be JUST FINE! And so will I.

Brown suga or vanilla suga queen do you read God’s word? Do you pray? If not let’s start today and make this not just a response to a pandemic crisis but a life style in submission to a BIG and BEAUTIFUL God. Pray for the people of this world to put their hearts and trust in God’s hands alone. He has so much good stuff in store for you and I ( the world) and believe it or not, this ole Corona is just a part of the process. Find comfort in Psalm 91, one of my FAV Chapters of the bible.

“Those who live in the shelter of the Mos