The Truth is…



You are worth so much, so much more than what the media portrays you as, what you hear in the latest popular rap song & what you see on social media.


Lets identify who SHE is? SHE may be a young woman who has mistakenly limited her worth to a young man, thinking that giving her body away through sex is the way to true love and acceptance.


SHE may have discovered that having sex too soon never ends in the magical fairy tales we see in the movies.


SHE may be feeling empty inside, realizing that having sex was not as fulfilling as she thought and is searching for more out of life.


SHE may feel that there is nothing wrong with having sex right now for many different reasons.


SHE may be one decision away from giving away her virginity not realizing that it’s hers to keep, never to be given to any one who did not pay the price for it (commit to her).


For many years of my life I was SHE, not knowing what sex was, the price I would pay and what I was really giving up when I made that to decision to do it. Is SHE you? Regardless of where you are on this journey as a young woman, you did not stumble upon this website. God sent you here.


I want to invite you onto a new journey, a life of self-esteem, value & understanding that is going to help you live the best life God created you to live. I want to help redefine the SHE in your life so that you may become the best SHE possible, SHE Abundantly.